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Analog CCTV Vs IP CCTV |BE Technologies LLC

Technology is evolving day by day and innovation are created at a faster mode. This factor has helped the CCTV system to evolve and adapt to the changing trends and styles. Today we have cameras that can capture images with high end clarity, sharpness and quality. In the world of video surveillance, we use majorly two kind of cameras- Analog and IP. Analog cameras are conventional cameras used in CCTV systems. They send the captured analog signals over the cable to be shared across digital video recorder.
They are then converted to digital signals and stored in the hard drive. Analog cameras are cheaper compared to the others. They are simple to handle. When you need to install a number of cameras analog cameras would be the best option. When it comes IP cameras, they capture better quality images and field of view is wider compared to the analog cameras. Higher resolutions are yet another factor that distinguish IP cameras from analog. The disk space consumption is 6 times more for IP cameras due to the higher resolution. Multiple sensors are accommodated into the IP cameras in one enclosure which widens the angle of view. With more kinds of IP cameras coming into the market, they are becoming more affordable. As there is no need for encoder/decoder, the are easy to install. It requires only one wire for the power input and network connectivity. As the video is encrypted before transmission, they offer better security.

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