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The authorized Dahua Distributor in Dubai, Providing a wide range of Surveillance & Network Solution Services


Being one of the most leading distributors of CCTV & surveillance system across Dubai, Axis is a prestigious brand that provides the finest security system to your premises both in analog and digital world.


Samsung is one of the leading brands across the globe. So, the reliability and performance of the security systems produced by them will be par in excellence. They provide high end security and surveillance system for keeping your surroundings free from intruders,


Hikvision produces security system that are of high-end quality and reliability. They are majorly used in educational institutions, health care institutions, homes and business entities. With the NVR and HD features, they use high quality lenses.


One of the leading security solution and service providers that ensures your premises are well guarded with the quality surveillance system.


Being the leading solution providers of video surveillance, Uniview makes a perfect surveillance and security system choice for your offices and home. Ensuring high quality product lines that includes IP cameras, Decoders, encoders, NVR software and AIOT it makes your offices and home smarter.


Tiandy surveillance and security system is one of the finest cctv system that you can blindly go for to make your premises safeguard from threats. Especially when you need to capture scenes at different lighting, they become the best. They integrate all innovative technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and cameras to ensure the safety and security of your premises.


EZVIZ, with wifi enabled CCTV system helps you build smart home solutions and is a award winning brand for its initiatives in security surveillance domain. Their plug and play products are best suited for homes, small workplaces and stores. We partner with EZVIZ to create a great IOT ecosystem for your home space.

imou Packed with high end features, IMOU security systems are perfect for your home to continuously monitor the happenings in and around. The wifi integrated system comes with various customizable options, good to go image quality and great human detection. They are highly affordable and guards your premises with remote and live streaming of video.


If you are looking for a easy to use hassle free security and surveillance system, then CCTV from HILOOK will be highly recommended. With a good image quality, they are affordable and come with a great camera system kit to be used in safeguarding your home and office spaces.


With 1080p video quality, the Wisenet CCTV is one of the best smart cams which is highly affordable. It has great audio and video detection. The many inbuilt features together make them a great choice to be used for your home or workplace surveillance.