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The ideal spots to install security cameras

CCTV cameras provide everyone with exceptional security. One of the best contemporary innovations, without a doubt. Additionally, it conveys the idea that all actions are observed, even when nobody is around. This is the reason those with malevolent purposes and ill motives are afraid of CCTV cameras. Unquestionably, when a location or neighborhood has security cameras, people feel safer and more protected. Today, CCTV cameras are used by people and organizations requiring the highest security level.

Contributions of CCTV cameras

-Every person in public is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Installing security cameras in public areas helps deter property damage while reducing crimes like trespassing and burglary.

-When a parent is away from the house, surveillance, particularly inside security cameras, can aid by enabling them to check in as often as necessary. Additionally, protecting the perimeter or general region is relatively simpler when you own a large piece of land or many properties.

-The way individuals manage offices and enterprises today has been significantly changed by CCTV cameras and surveillance systems. The implementation of such policies significantly boosts workplace efficiency and successfully prevents sexual harassment.

-When resolving disagreements, whether at home or work, security camera footage can assist you in reaching just and accurate choices. Your camera may help you put your worries to rest whether you are dealing with a scenario involving disputes among your family members, coworkers, or a client and your service team.

-If you want to document what happens within or around a business, security cameras are a great choice. Surveillance, which is also relevant for households, is a simple way to keep an eye on how things happen, how accidents or unforeseen occurrences could turn out, and to use as a guide for future planning.

Angle and positioning

It’s crucial to keep the camera’s distance from its subject in mind while installing a security camera system. The proper area should always be sharply visible and in focus. Avoid mounting the cameras in glare-prone regions, which means they shouldn’t face direct sunlight because too much light impairs sight.

Unless it is a dome camera, security cameras should typically be mounted with the lens pointed downward. Make sure a camera is attached securely to a wall or other object to prevent camera shaking from distorting the image.

Best locations for security camera installation


It is very important to consider the weak points in your personal property that are commonly targeted by lawbreakers. Knowing them is the best prevention.

Front door– The majority of break-ins take place through this entry since it is the most visible way for intruders to enter your property. Consider placing the apparatus at the second-floor level or enclosing it in a wire cage to stop anything from being thrown at the fragile CCTV cameras.

Back doors and side doors– Any entry to your property is considered a possible way for a criminal to enter your personal space. Since doors are your most vulnerable areas, make sure you have some cameras pointed at them all. To avoid any tampering, follow the same safety procedures as mentioned in the preceding step.

Backyard–  Have a few well-placed cameras scattered about, along with some security lights, to keep this area safe and secure.

Indoor– There is a widespread misconception that CCTV cameras are only useful outside. Installing a camera inside your home, with the lens focused on the windows or doors, can capture a burglar entering your residence and provide a complete image of their face for simpler identification.


It is your duty as a business owner to protect your assets, as well as those of your staff and customers. CCTV systems and surveillance cameras are excellent ways to deter crimes and catch criminals as soon as they happen.

Gates and reception- Installing CCTV cameras at your office’s entry and exit gates as well as its main doors is a fantastic idea. If your company has access and exit points in additional locations, such as the basement and roof, be sure to cover those areas as well.

Work area– If your workplace has CCTV, your staff members are likely motivated to act properly and do their work efficiently. They will be more productive, complete their jobs quickly, and won’t need to stay in the office as long because they are aware that they are being watched.

Asset room – Whether it’s a tech room where you keep your pricey equipment, a warehouse where you keep your retail inventory, or a document room where you keep all your sensitive documents, make sure you can record every action there. If more than one camera is required, place them here to make sure there are no blind areas.

Monetary transaction areas-Security cameras should be set up in every office area where money is exchanged. These locations consist of teller stations at banks and retail businesses, as well as other transaction sites on your property.

This is just a general outline, we need to position the security camera as per the structure and geography of your property.In short, installing CCTV may have many advantages for the building, its contents, and any workers or residents.

The team at BE Technologies, Dubai, UAE places a high priority on protecting the security of your home or business premises. Our professionals are the top providers of excellent security solutions in Dubai, UAE. We make an effort to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients, working together with them to develop the best security measures for their facilities.
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