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Types of CCTV Camera’s and Their Features

While CCTV are an essential part of life be it in the private residence or corporate offices, they come in various kinds depending on the requirements. Each type of CCTV serves the same function but in different ways as the capacity, utility etc. differs by each. The various kind of CCTV includes

Network/IP CCTV camera, Dome CCTV cameras, C- Mount CCTV camera,Bullet CCTV camera, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV camera, Wireless CCTV camera, High-definition CCTV Camera, PTZ – Pan tilt and Zoom camera, Day/ Night CCTV camera. Network /IP CCTV camera: These types of CCTV share the footages through internet making them
accessible at any place. They compress the video bandwidth so as to increase the reliability of the shared video. The video recorded are stored in reliable software for later use. They are more in use for business people who owns the
business but are always far away from the location. They can get the live video footage on personal computers, laptops etc. at any place across the globe. It also has a low maintenance cost.

Dome CCTV cameras: They are called Dome CCTV due to the shape of the case in which the camera is placed. Due to the shape of the dome the thieves or attackers will not be able to judge the position in which the camera is facing and
make it difficult for them to do the malpractices. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses and easy to install. It helps to get the view at a wider angle and finds the best use in shops, hotels, restaurants and other service places like

C- Mount CCTV camera: These types of cameras are majorly used in logistics and utility industries. They hep you adapt the field of vision. They are usually bulky and gives criminals and thieves a tough time. Due to the highly tough and weatherproof casing, they are ideal for outside view and can sustain extreme temperatures.

Bullet CCTV cameras: They are designed for great visibility and have a cylindrical shape. They are mostly used for outside view and are resistant to water, dust and extreme climates. It provides the coverage over a large distance.
Their design is iconic and are majorly used in manufacturing, farming industries. They also provide high quality video output.

Wireless CCTV camera: Wireless CCTV reduces the time required for installation. Their appearance itself looks tidier and are a perfect fit in churches, homes, museums etc. The videos can be viewed anywhere as it is transmitted
over the internet and is securely stored.

High-Definition CCTV camera: If you are looking for great picture quality, then using a HD CCTV would be the best option. The images will never be grainy or distorted. It is available with most of the CCTV types. They are majorly used in places which are under the risk of theft like in banks, casinos etc.

PTZ/ Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV camera: The security guard controlling the camera have a complete control over the camera and can be directed sideways, tilted up and down and zoomed in and out. You can closely observe a single
object that even the facial expressions can be identified. Business entities that have valuable objects to protect can opt for this kind of CCTV cameras.

The sensitive and high-quality imaging chips are used in these cameras which enable them to capture images irrespective of the lighting condition. They provide high quality images both in day time and during night. Both color and black and hite images can be produced. Business entities that require 24 hours of surveillance can opt for these kinds of cameras.


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